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Volunteer Opportunities

Victoria Hospital makes every effort to match your interests and abilities with the needs of Victoria Hospital programs. While we offer shifts 7 days a week, morning, afternoon and evening; our greatest need is for daytime hours, Monday to Friday. The following list provides a sampling of the volunteer roles at the Victoria Hospital. Availability of volunteer roles will vary.

Patient Care Programs
Many volunteers want the opportunity to assist directly in patient care areas. We have several roles and areas that provide this opportunity including Recreation, Surgi Centre, Oncology Clinic, Diagnostic Imaging, and Unit Assistants to name a few. These roles are for individuals who like to be active, meet people and who can work independently.

Non Patient Care Programs
We have several roles that allow for someone who wants to contribute their time but not work directly with patients. These include: water delivery, newspaper delivery, mail delivery, library cart, Front Lobby and Emergency Department Ambassadors.

The Gift Shop is an operation of the Guild and is staffed by volunteers. Volunteers can apply their skills interacting with customers, handling cash and merchandising. All funds raised go towards supporting patient care and services.

Administrative Support
Volunteers assist staff throughout Victoria Hospital to support their work in an office setting. Tasks may include calling patients, filing and building patient packages/charts.

Junior Program
The Vic offers a Junior Program for High School students ages 16 and 17. Junior volunteer’s volunteer on the weekends and help with water delivery, meal tray delivery, newspaper and lab deliveries, and library cart. Typically the Junior’s work in teams of 2-3 volunteers.

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