I am thinking about volunteering. What should I consider?

First, assess if you have 2 – 3 hours each week to commit to volunteering. Second, think about your interests, skills, and/or career plans—this will help determine where you might volunteer.

Is there a time commitment?

We are flexible and know you have many priorities. We ask for a minimum of 6 months or 60 hours in total. Most volunteers find they enjoy volunteering with Victoria Hospital and choose to stay longer than the required time commitment.

How long are the volunteer shifts and how often am I expected to volunteer?

In the first three months we require a commitment of one shift per week in your volunteer placement. Shifts range from 2 – 3 hours.

When do you need volunteers?

There are volunteer placements 7 days a week, starting at 8:30 AM and going until 8:00PM. There is a greater need for volunteers during the day due to patient programs and hospital service hours.

Do you have age requirements?

A volunteer must be at least 16 years old. We have no age limit; our oldest volunteer is in their 90s.

Are there limits to volunteers under 18 years old?

At this time, volunteers who are not legally adults, can volunteer with the following: Wayfinder, Gift Shop Cashier, Popcorn, Clothing Closet, Admin Support, and Clerical Support. Youth volunteers must have signed parental consent.

What is the process to be a volunteer?

Please see the What to Expect page.

Do I need a Criminal Record, a Child Abuse Registry and an Adult Abuse Registry Checks?

All volunteers 18 years and older are required to submit a Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check. You are responsible to complete the Criminal Record Check on your own. During your orientation, Victoria Hospital Volunteer Services will submit the Adult and Child Abuse Checks on your behalf. After 50 volunteer hours, you can request for a reimbursement of the Criminal Record Check.

What type of references do I need?

We will request 3 references from you. References may include teachers, coaches, supervisors, co-workers, etc. Please do not use friends or family. We will need their name, how you know them, and their contact information. Be sure to ask each person for permission to use their name as a reference. Please provide email addresses for international references.

I would like to job shadow someone in health care. How do I do this?

Volunteer Services does not coordinate job shadowing requests.

Will volunteering at Victoria Hospital help me get a job on site or within WRHA?

Volunteering at any organization will help you gain skills for future employment. Volunteering at Victoria Hospital is unrelated to job opportunities at our site or within the region. If you are job hunting, please visit WRHA Careers .

Do you have opportunities for post-secondary students during the summer months?

Yes, summer only volunteers are required to make an 8-week commitment with a minimum of 1 shift per week. Please apply in April for a June/July start. You are welcome to stay on during the academic year.

How are volunteers placed in the Hospital?

Many factors are considered when matching a volunteer to a role including availability, interests, skills, and current vacancies. Volunteer Services staff will meet with you to discuss the various roles and to help you make good choices.

Is there opportunity to move from one volunteer role to another?

Absolutely! Cross training is highly encouraged. Once your current commitment is completed or when your placement is no longer satisfying, speak with us about new opportunities. An additional option is to offer your services in more than one role.

Is there complimentary parking for volunteers?

Volunteers are assigned a parking pass through The Foundation, it is for the front lot only. This pass is to be used only when volunteering at the Hospital and is assigned to your specific plate number.

What do you look for in your volunteers?

We are looking for volunteers who have a desire to contribute to a culture that seeks to enhance the mental, physical, and emotional health of our patients and staff. Characteristics we look for someone who is sensitive to the needs of others, individuals who are committed to what they take on, motivated, energetic, and customer service orientated.

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