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If I contact you about volunteer placements for my students, can you guarantee the placements?
Sorry, we cannot guarantee placements prior to reviewing volunteer applications. All volunteers must go through the same intake process. We screen every applicant thoroughly and follow best practices in the field of volunteer management. We have the responsibility to balance the interests of the volunteer, our patients and the hospital. Our goal is to ensure a successful match between the volunteer and the volunteer positions we have available at that particular time.

For High School Students, they should apply for the Junior Program. However, often there is a waiting list of applicants, so if students require a certain number of hours for graduation they need to apply well in advance of their grade 12 year.

Do you accept students needing 10 or 15 community service hours?
Our orientation and training is very detailed so it is required that volunteers contribute at least 24 hours to our program.

How do I get application forms and other information for my students?
All necessary forms and information can be accessed through this website.

Who should I call to discuss volunteer placements?
You may call our office at 204-477-3347. We will be happy to discuss our positions and answer any questions you have. Thank you for your interest!

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