Geriatric Rehabilitation

This program provides interdisciplinary teams which support care to a diverse group of patients experiencing various illnesses. The purpose of the unit is to provide rehabilitation support to clients in the geriatric population who may require an inpatient stay to support their transition back to home, community, or potential the long term sector of the region. Once their condition is no longer rehabilitation in nature but ongoing care is still required, allied health profession working alongside direct care provide will liaises with regional resources to find more suitable accommodation the community.

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Program supports a total of 30 beds in the hospital. Geriatricians, Family Medicine Physicians who practice in Geriatrics, and Physician Assistants, along with the interdisciplinary team provide support to these patients.

Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit (GRU)

The purpose of the GRU is to provide quality care in the geriatric patient who is not severely ill or who is in the recovery phase, including exacerbation of chronic illness, that requires rehabilitative medical and interdisciplinary care and intervention to maintain their physical, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being. The patient’s condition is such that the care does not depend heavily on high technology monitoring or complex diagnostic procedure.

The GRU requires daily individual assessment and review of the clinical course and treatment plan for a limited time period, until the condition is stabilized or the treatment course is completed. They do not require 24 hour in house physician presence but attending physicians are available during after hours.

Patients are admitted under a Geriatrician or an attending Family Medicine Physicians who practices in Geriatrics and are cared for by an interdisciplinary team.

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