The Guild funds and administers two scholarships:

  • The Guild Mattie Hanna Scholarship is presented to volunteers who are pursuing post-secondary studies in the field of healthcare.
  • The Guild Bea Dunstone Scholarship is awarded to hospital support staff who are pursuing or upgrading their education in the field of healthcare.

Since 1980, the Mattie Hanna Scholarship program has given out almost $39,000 to young volunteers.

Hospital staff have benefitted from $40,800 in scholarship funds through the Bea Dunstone Scholarship program.

Scholarships are awarded annually. Details of the Mattie Hanna scholarship are available from the Volunteer Office. Staff can obtain information about the Bea Dunstone scholarship from the hospital administrative offices.

Please visit us at if you would like to make a donation in support of the Guild’s scholarship program or other Guild projects.

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