The Admitting Department is located on the main floor at the front of the hospital and opens at 6:45 am. Accommodation depends on bed availability, insurance coverage and ability to pay. At times, there is a need for mixed gender rooms. Requests for beds by the window may include a wait.

Identification Bracelet

Upon admission, an identification bracelet will be prepared for you by the admitting team. Please wear it until you are asked to remove it by one of the hospital’s health care professionals or until after you are discharged. If your bracelet becomes lost or damaged, please advise your nurse.

Manitoba Residents

Manitoba Health covers all necessary costs for insured services in a standard four bed room. Semi-private or private accommodation can be requested but there is an additional cost. You may be asked to change rooms to accommodate isolation, palliative or utilization needs.

Private Insurance

Check with your insurance company to determine if semi-private or private accommodation is covered by your plan. Bring contract/policy numbers and all other pertinent information with you to the hospital. Semi-private or private accommodation will be provided according to availability.

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