Frequently Asked Questions

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I am thinking about volunteering. What should I consider?

First, assess if you have time available each week to commit to volunteering. Then, think about your interests, skills and/or career plans – this will help us determine where you might volunteer.

I have heard there is a long waiting list to volunteer at Victoria Hospital?

Due to the proximity of the Hospital to the University of Manitoba and the large catchment area we serve, there is often a 6 – 9 month wait list for a volunteer interview. All applications are kept on file and will be contacted for an interview.

When do you need volunteers?

We have volunteer placements 7 days a week starting as early as 8:00 am and going until 11:00 pm. Because more patient programs happen during the day, we have a greater need for weekday volunteers.

Is there a time commitment?

We want to meet your needs by accommodating your busy schedule. However, we require a minimum commitment of one shift per week. These shifts can range from 1 – 4 hours depending on the placement.

What type of references do I need for my application form?

You need to get references from people that have known you for at least three months and are from different aspects of your life – teachers, co-workers, group leaders, supervisors, colleagues, etc.

References from Family/Friends are not encouraged unless you have worked for them.

Be sure to ask each person for permission to use his/her name as a reference and be sure to get his/her current daytime phone number.

If I volunteer, will it help me get a job at Victoria?

Volunteering at any organization will help you gain skills for future employment. Volunteering at Victoria is unrelated to Victoria job opportunities. If you are job hunting, please visit WRHA website.

How do you decide where to place volunteers in the hospital?

Many factors are considered when matching volunteers to a placement including your availability, your interests, skills, experience and our current vacancies.

How old do you have to be to volunteer at Victoria?

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

I am on a student visa. Can I volunteer?

Yes, you can.

Where do I park when I volunteer at Victoria?

Volunteers can apply for a parking pass for the public parking lot. This pass is to be used only for when you are volunteering at the Hospital and is non-transferable.