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Hysterectomy Alternatives Program (HAlt)

HAlt Program

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In Canada, hysterectomies are the most common surgical procedure performed on women. Each year, over 60,000 of these major surgeries are performed and it is believed that more than 60 percent of hysterectomies may have been avoided with the use of alternate procedures. The HAlt program is designed to offer women alternatives to hysterectomy when faced with abnormal uterine bleeding and fibroid tumors.

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Due to the risks associated with major surgery as well as the negative effects hysterectomy can have on a woman’s self esteem, their sexual experience and perceived desirability, women are seeking alternative treatments to fibroids and uterine bleeding.

Led by Dr. Richard Boroditsky, Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Manitoba, the HAlt program aims to provide women with information and awareness of options, including the use of medical alternatives to control bleeding, minimally invasive surgery, and other less invasive techniques.

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Published December 2008/January 2009