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Mature women are one of our community’s most valuable resources. They hold vital roles as caregivers in the family, leaders in the workforce and nurturers in the community. Your generous support of the Mature Women’s Centre at the Victoria General Hospital is an investment that will benefit our community for many years to come.

Photo of Calendar girl Fundraiser 2007
Teri Ibbott and Ruth Bonniville - Free Press Calendar Girl Fundraiser 2007 Your support of the Mature Women’s Centre is important!

It is only through donations that the Centre will be able to fully support the health and wellness needs of the growing numbers of mature women through education, research, the expansion of services, and the purchase of equipment.

Tax deductible donations to the Victoria General Hospital Foundation Mature Women’s Centre Funds in the form of outright gifts or endowments will provide for the short and long-term funding of programs and services:

  • The MWC Sustaining Fund will support the Centre’s immediate and on-going needs through outright donations.
  • Donations to the MWC Endowment Fund are held for an indefinite period and only the annual interest of the Endowment Fund is used. As the Endowment Fund and the annual interest it produces grow, it enhances the Centre’s ability to respond to the health and wellness needs of mature women and plan for longer-term programs and services.
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