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Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention Clinic

Osteoporosis is a major public health problem. According to Osteoporosis Canada there are approximately 25,000 hip fractures in Canada each year and 76% of them are osteoporosis related.

Bone fractures contribute to illness and possibly an earlier death. Treatment of osteoporosis and prevention of fractures remain the most cost-effective approach to this disease.

Some important risk factors for osteoporosis include age, family history, height loss, a history of fracture after age 40, and long-term steroid use.

Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention Clinic

As part of our comprehensive program the Mature Women's Centre offers an Osteoporosis Clinic. A multidisciplinary team is available to provide care for high-risk individuals who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or are at risk of fracture. Patients will be assessed by a dietitian, nurse, pharmacist, kinesiologist and physician. Based on this assessment, appropriate recommendations will be made.

How To Refer

Both women and men who have had a low trauma fracture or who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis may be eligible for these clinics.

Consultations for the Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Clinic can be faxed to 275-0919. Our mailing address is:

Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention Clinic

3 North - Victoria General Hospital

2340 Pembina Highway

Winnipeg, MB R3T 2E8

Please see In The News for a recent statement on atypical femoral fractures.

Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention Clinic Referral Form

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Mature Women's Centre Referral Form

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Bone Matters

Blocking Osteoporosis through Nurition, Exercise, and Education

Exercise is important for individuals with or at risk for osteoporosis. Regular weight-bearing exercise helpts to maintain bone mass and reduce your risk of falling.

You will leave this program with an understanding of:

  • What osteoporosis is
  • How to perform safe, effective exercise to improve your bone and overall health
  • A home-based exercise program
  • How to ensure adequate calcium and Vitamin D in your diet; and
  • How to go about your daily activities without putting yourself at risk for fracture

The program consists of two 90-minute classes each week for three weeks. The session begins with a classroom lecture and then the group exercises together.

Classes are held at the Kinsmen Reh-Fit Centre, located at 1390 Taylor Avenue.

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Dates: October 18 - November 3

Time: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

For more information, please contact Janet Antoshko, BPE (course conductor) at 477-3456 or by e-mail at

To register, please contact the Reh-Fit Centre at 488-8023 for a registration package which must be completed and returned prior to the first class or register online at