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Always call 911 for life threatening Emergencies.

The Emergency Department Provides comprehensive emergency services 24 hours per day and is equipped to treat injuries and illnesses in all ages. Patients who present to the Emergency Department are seen by a triage nurse to determine their acuity level. Patients are then seen by an Emergency Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner on a priority basis based on acuity. The Emergency Department provides medical assessment, diagnostics (if required) and treatment. In some cases, transfer to a higher level of care facility is required.

Wait Times

Wait times can vary, but are generally influenced by the seriousness of a patient’s illness or injury, the number of patients who have presented to the Emergency Department and are also waiting for care, and the number of patients within the department receiving care. There is a display board in the waiting room which notes how long patients have been waiting to see a physician. Emergent and urgent patients are seen first.

The Right Care

WRHA’s “My Right Care” website provides further information on areas to receive healthcare services. Please visit

For more information on our Emergency Department:
Download the Emergency Department Patient Guide (PDF)

Download the Emergency Department Patient Opinion Survey (PDF)